Did you know that during an average 10 min minute shower you absorb more Chlorine than you would by drinking ten 8 ounce glasses of water?

You are about to see the most cost effective way to protect you and your family from the harmful effects of exposure to chlorine in your water such as…

  • Drying and aging effects on your skin
  • Drying effects on your hair
  • Harmful agitation of asthma and other respiratory conditions
  • Increased risk to your heart
  • Inflammation of blemishes and Acne breakouts
  • Chlorine and links to cancer

But don't just take our word about the harmful effects of chlorine exposure...

Here are some highly respected doctors and resources and what they have to say about exposure to chlorine...

I remember 9 years ago, when I was first made aware of just how bad chlorine in for us. I couldn’t imagine letting my family take one more toxic shower, and you might be feeling the same way.

So please read on to get the facts and then the solution will make complete sense…

Water SenseA proven and growing method for effectively removing harmful chlorine from shower water is by using all natural, food grade, vitamin c as a filter medium.

Sonaki’s Vitamin C shower filters are fully approved by the EPA and APHA, and they exceed the new de-chlorination requirements set by the Clean Water Act. PLUS they meet all requirements for Water Sense Seal of Approval for water conservation through their proprietary Low Flow / High Pressure technology.

How Does It Work?

  • First, take a look at this diagram.
  • The vitamin c filter cartridge is in the handle of these stylish hand held showerheads
  • Water enters in through the bottom of the handle and passes through the vitamin c filter cartridge.
  • As water passes through the Vitamin C Filter, the vitamin c dissolves into the water and neutralized 99.9% of all chlorine and chloramines present in the water.
  • Unlike other filter mediums that surround or “hold” most of the toxins in them, thus reducing their effectiveness as they reach the end of their life cycle…
  • …vitamin c filters distribute vitamin c into the water supply evenly during their entire life cycle passing clean, pure, chlorine free water through the high pressure designed head.

Now you can enjoy all the advantages of using a Sonaki Vitamin C Shower Head...

  • Removes 99.9% chlorine and chloramines with the finest quality, food grade Vitamin C.
  • Easy to install and use, quick change filter system, and no maintenance necessary.
  • 3,000 gallon shower filter life, or roughly 3 months of typical use in the average home (2 showers per day, 10 minute showers) per filter. With an average cost for each Sonaki filter cartridge coming out to about $9.80, you can experience chlorine/chloramine free showers for only $3.92 per month! Let's compare that to the most popular shower filter line...
  • Aquasana shower filter cartridges: Average cost per filter = $47. Maximum filter life = 6 months. Cost per month = $7.83. Sonaki shower filter savings of $4.68 per month, on top of ALL these other benefits.
  • Excellent natural beauty care
  • Improves dry, irritated and itchy skin conditions
  • Good for sensitive and damaged skin
  • Improves hair condition
  • Protects dyed hair so it lasts longer
  • Reduces chlorine-caused dandruff
  • Safe for babies and young children
  • Vitamin C is great for baby's sensitive skin
  • Protect childrens' sensitive skin and eyes from irritating chlorine and chloramine
  • Prevent respiratory problems caused by the inhalation of vaporized chlorine particles
  • Great for pets
  • Good for fish aquariums - no need to age or treat tap water
  • Protects pets' skin and hair from the chlorine and chloramines of tap water
  • Eliminate pet dandruff, which is commonly caused by chlorine exposure
  • Amazing water conservation savings (20% ~ 50% - check out the chart below) with Sonaki's patented low flow showerhead filter design (NO LOSS OF WATER PRESSURE). Traditional shower head flow rate ranged from 12 ~ 18 liters/min. Traditional low-flow shower heads are not lower than 9 liters/min.


That’s okay, we have a lot of customers who were skeptical at first and are now some the biggest raving fans of our Sonaki Vitamin C Showerheads.


"I was a sceptic, but now I am a believer in the power of Vitamin C filtration."

"After both my children had such fantastic results with the Sonaki Shower Head Filtration system that uses Vitamin C to remove chlorine, they got me one to try out for myself. The difference in the water quality was like night and day. We even tried it in a different manner by using the filtered water in some flowers my son got me. An interesting experiment, the flowers actually lasted three times as long as usual. I noticed results in the texture of my hair as well as my skin. I was a sceptic, but now I am a believer in the power of Vitamin C filtration."

Frankie Plummer
San Diego, CA


Over the last 8 years we have had a lot of questions about the chemistry behind Vitamin C Filters and how they neutralize 99.9% of chlorine and chloramines from your water.



What are the advantages of Vitamin C filtration over other methods?

  • Activated carbon filtration (AC) is effective in reducing certain organic chemicals and chlorine in cold water. Chlorine is attracted to and held (absorbed) into the surface of the carbon particles. However, the efficiency of absorption is quickly nullified when the water becomes warm. The lifetime of an activated carbon shower filter is very short. An activated carbon shower filter gets clogged very quickly by the dirt it is meant to stop. As soon as that happens, it immediately starts to supply dirty water.
  • KDF, another widely used dechlorination media, is comprised of copper and zinc. It removes free chlorine by reversing the electrochemical process that originally separated the chlorine from sodium in a brine solution. It can't, however, remove chloramines and, it's efficiency depends on water temperature, it doesn't work well in cold water.
  • There are several other limitations using KDF as a de-chlorinating agent. KDF shower filters are also affected by water pressure. When the water pressure is not high enough, water simply can't pass through the KDF powders. The major problem of KDF shower filters is that the lifetime of the filter depends on the quality of the water passing through it. This is truly a catch-22. When the quality of the water is bad, that's when we need a shower filter the most. The dirt a KDF filter removes from the water quickly covers the surface of the KDF that in turn makes the filter ineffective very quickly. When the quality of the water is clean, we don't need a shower filter and KDF shower filters works great and will last a lot longer.
  • Other shower filter manufacturers use sulfur-based compounds such as calcium sulfite or sodium sulfite (or sulfate) as de-chlorinating agents. These sulfur-based compounds can be toxic to humans. The addition of excess sulfite and sulfate chemicals to our water supplies has always been a concern.

So if you are suffering from dry, itchy skin, dandruff, dry frizzy hair, asthma, or are concerned about the harmful internal effects of chlorine absorption, then you are invited to give one of our Sonaki Vitmain C Shower Heads a try.

Sonaki designed these amazing shower heads to be functional but also very stylish. These shower heads complement any bathroom they installed in.

And speaking of simple installation… it’s as easy as 1-2-3. We include instructions so simple that a 12 year old girl successfully installed one of these shower heads for her mother as a surprise.

To make this decision to try our shower head and experience all of the wonderful health benefits you will gain from finally showering in truly chlorine free water, we back our products with an iron clad, 120 DAY, 100% absolutely love it or get every single last red cent back guarantee. (The longest Guarantee in the market!)

So we take on all the risk and you start enjoying softer, healthier skin, better hair, and relief from all kinds of other ailments that might be triggered by your exposure to excessive chlorine.

So go ahead and click the add to cart button below and try our most popular vitamin c shower head.

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Sonaki is the leading brand in Vitamin C Shower Filter technology and we have been offering these shower heads for over 8 years now. Our track record is outstanding and our customers LOVE out shower heads.



I’m an engineer and a water expert. I’m in the pool business always outside, the best part of the day is coming in to take a shower with the Vitamin C. This product is awesome, you must try it. You will feel totally revived.

- Michael Metairie, Louisiana

“I have to admit I was very skeptical about the results I would achieve with your showerhead. I showered last night with it for the first time and I could feel the difference just that one shower made to my skin. I still was apprehensive as to what it would do to my hair but this morning when I showered and washed my hair I was extremely pleased with the results. My hair felt so much softer and not nearly as dry and brittle after this one shampooing.”

- Trudy W Damascus, VA

We are very pleased with your products, everyone in the family sees the difference on our skin. My teenagers don’t have the dry sensation after the shower, our skin are softer than ever. Love love your Sonaki Vitamin C shower filter!

- Adeline , Los Angeles, CA

I have been using this product since June 2008 when my daughter in law introduced me to it. Her father introduced her as he was a local distributor. I must tell you that I notice the difference in my showers if I do not have the Vitamin filter in.

The water is so hard and my skin suffers. I have very sensitive skin and the water in California is very very harsh. About 2 weeks ago I visited a friend in Victorville, CA and used her shower and my skin and hair was a mess. I had to use so much body lotion to get the moisture back into my skin.

As for my hair, it was an extreme mess. I told my friend about this product and I hope, for her family sake, that she try it. Thank you Sonaki for this excellent product. You have a customer for the rest of my life!

- Jean , San Diego, CA

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I used my new filter for the first time yesterday and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! I could tell an immediate difference in the softness of my hair and my skin wasn’t as dry as usual after my shower.

I was so thrilled that I emailed 57 friends and family to tell them to go buy it with the link to your site! I found out my sister and one friend already ordered it!!! I also put it on my Facebook page for everyone I know to go order it!

Hopefully quite a few more will try it! I wish you had a referral program so I could get a package of filters free or at a good discount if enough people I knew ordered it. Thank you!

- Lisa Toland

I couldn’t ask for a better product than the Sonaki showerhead and the Vitamin C crystals. The water pressure is intense in a good way, the chlorine “vapor cloud” has since vanished, and my complexion has become silky smooth.

I replaced the Sonaki with a generic store brand shower head. The water pressure merely trickled from the generic store-bought showerhead. I believed that was due to low water pressure in the household pipes.

However, when I replaced the store-bought brand with Sonaki, I was astonished by the difference. Sonaki water pressure was powerful, and I love the ways I can adjust the flow, or adjust it to the off position to conserve water while lathering or whatever. I am wary to purchase products online due to a lack of trust.

However, Sonaki delivers what it promises. It is one of the best products I have ever purchased. I have become a loyal customer for over 2 years, and am due for another order of the Vitamin C crystals.

- Melony , Pueblo, Colorado

I have used other shower filters (notably Sprite) and still found a horrible smell of chlorine when turning on the shower.

We live in LA where there is a higher than usual amount of chlorine used in the system to “kill the bacteria” (yay!) I researched for some time and read various reviews on various sites about the usefulness and effectiveness of other filters.

I landed on the Vitamin C variety (Sonaki) and tried the Inline filter. It certainly has a great psychological appeal using Vitamin C water, so I was happy to try it out. So far I can honestly say my hair is improving vastly. (This is really one of the main reasons I wanted to find an effective chlorine filter) I don’t smell the chlorine in the water (I can still smell it on occasion from our kitchen sink faucet which has no filter on it, we use a jug filter there) I used to rinse my hair with bottled water in a vain attempt to offset the ghastly effects of the chlorine – didn’t work.

My hair which is prone to be dry and brittle is so much easier to deal with now. Softer and easier to keep conditioned. It certainly feels like my skin is softer as well. I love being able to wash my face in the shower too knowing the chlorine is neutralized.

- Rebecca , Los Angeles, CA

There are hundreds of wonderful reviews that we have gotten but it would take too much space to list them all. Do yourself and your family the favor of finally securing a health shower and take advantage of our No Risk Guarantee.


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